Arjun and roshni love story

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Arjun and roshni love story

Very beautifully written. Wonder would it have been any less painful if at all he had convinced Roshni to part ways. Other than the fact of course that she'd been alive at the least. But knowing him what he must not give to go back in time to make her go far far away from him.

Here goes the second part. This is a slight reference to a player who taught me the meaning of hero-worship. Could not help adding it here.

arjun and roshni love story

No,it was not the day the tragedy unfolded. That was the day when the knife pierced through him. Posted: 6 years ago. And there in lies the sum total of our life as we know and live it.

In these few words. Please do continue. It seems a private bantering between friends. We dont know if that's Sid's real FB account also. Why would he reveal something so imp to a fan of all people?

Dont let it affect this story. I want to know how that Taj Mahal turns out to be instrumental in seeking justice for Roshni.

Beautiful os,you write it with such emotion that i fall in love with this. Could not help adding it here Keep your views coming Part 2 He held the newspaper in his hands for longer than usual. And like millions in the country, he could not help but feel nostalgic.

His childhood memories,his college canteen revelries was associated with Sachin. He could remember the arguments he had had with Rathore,the excitement they shared at his century,the disappointment at his dismissal. Roshini had been a part of it as well. She was never fond of cricket,but for him she had made it a part of her life as well. He had patiently taught her the game,made her sit through the matches,celebrated the victories together.Bollywood celebrity love story is full of fascinating Dates, parties, and controversy.

Some show their love Straight away while some pair always hide to the surrounding, We are here to have a discussion on the Love Life of much popular star of Bollywood. They both have been in the news recently. Are You all excited to know more about them? Also, Know her new relationship after divorce. They are found flirting each other many times.

Mostly the first date for most pairs is a coffee date. Before the Coffee Ad, they were private about their Love life and it was only after the movie production they were out in public.

At the end of the shoot, both of us were fully in love with each other. Soon both were found dating each other. And their relationship was a far more strong affair for five years and wind up into a marriage. Though,I was the only one who said that we sholud be married. Arbaaz and Malaika come from two different casts, which lead to a dilemma in which culture to select to celebrate their wedding.

On 12 Decafter being in a relationship for five years. In the morning Arbaaz and Malaika tie a knot in front of family and friends in a church. Although the wedding events were lavish, the invitation was kept pity short as they are very private people. In the yearMalaika and Arbaaz gave birth to a baby boy, Arhaan. Every love story is about trust. But, people misunderstand, then an awkwardness grows into the relationship.

Well, Malaika Arora is a judge on the show and Arjun was there to promote his upcoming film, Namaste England. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. Famous Love Stories. Dislike Brought Shagufta-Danish closer, Love at its best.

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Lakshmana and Urmila Love Story. Rajesh Khanna and dimple Kapadia Love Story. Inter Caste Love Affair?Arjun Suryakant Raute: 30 years old. Brilliant cop. Great analytical skills. Mysterious and recluse. He has lost everything which mattered to him…his family, his dear wife Roshni, and his friends. He blames himself for all the wrongs that have happened. Wants to avenge his wife's death by killing Sikandar, a high- profile criminal who murdered his wife before his own eyes.

His biggest fear is of being helpless and so he keeps himself away from people.

Malaika Arora Love Story With Arbaaz khan & Arjun Kapoor

Was Arjun and Roshni's best friend. He knew Roshni since childhood and she was like a sister to him, a sister he never had. He holds Arjun responsible for her death. ShreeChotu and Aisha are same as the show. His uncle's daughter. They used to be closer than real bro-sis and were best friends but this relationship died a slow death due to some reasons.

She's a 31 yr old successful criminal lawyer. Abhishek Singh : Akansha's husband. He too is a criminal lawyer. He's 33years of age. Muskaan Singh : Akansha and Abhishek's 5 year old daughter. She has a great bonding with Arjun and considers him her best friend. She misses him a lot. Roshni Raute : Arjun's wife.

She was murdered by Sikandar 2 years ago. Poornima Sehgal : A 29 year old girl. Her parents are no more. She no longer believes in love due to a heartbreak from which she has still not moved on. She poses to be cheerful and happy though the reality is completely opposite.

She works as a research specialist in ETF Delhi. She has a relationship with Roshni which will be revealed later. Page of 18 Go Next Last. Posted: 6 years ago. Nobody wants pain. But there's no rainbow.Arjun believed that the Arjun Suryakant Rawte, who once used to liveis now dead. He was dead as soon as his beloved wife took the last breath, just in front of him. And now, only Arjun - the cop exists. The cop on the run to find Sikandar, a terrorist and a most wanted criminal, who killed her.

Arjun was there, in front of her and she was there, in front of him. But the difference was, she was lying on the ground, bathed in her own blood, and he, he was tied with iron chains, yes, iron chains, coz Sikandar knew no rope, no wire, no boundaries can stop Arjun from shredding it into pieces. But these iron chains were damn efficient! And then! Sikandar killed his wife just in front of him, shooting slightly on the left side of her chest, where he knew; Arjun lived secretly, in her heart.

That day, Sikandar killed two people by a single bullet, Roshni and Arjun. Roshni, A Hindi word which means light, yes she was a light in the true sense, and she was light of his life.

Prophecy core mandatory part 2

And now, that she was not in his life, his life was all dark, dark and dull. This light was brutally crushed and taken away from him in the cruelest way possible. And seeing the love and light of your life die, is not at all bearable enough to bear for any human. With Roshni, he felt happiness, laughter, love, passion, everything! But now, nothing. Nothing at all! Riya Mukherjee, the bomb of her college. There was not even a single guy in her college who wouldn't have dreamt of having her as his girlfriend.

But Riya! She never said yes to any of the proposals she got from the guys. Any other girl, in her place, would have died out of happiness on the proposals she received, but Riya was different, very different. She was beauty with brains.

When every other girl dreamt of Barbie, Cinderella and being princess things, Riya dreamt of guns, mines and tanks!They all are going to crime spot which is on Mumbai-pune highway.

Rathod is driving. Arjun is sit next to him. Shree slowly :-Ritz. Tu ne Arjun sir se zagada kiya he kya? Riya angrily :-mein kya tuze pagal dikhti hu. Arjun angrily :-shut up. Arjun take a deep sigh :-agar meine mana kiya toh kya tum muzse sawaal nahi puchogi Riya.? Amitabh ka favorite dialogue he na. Aur Shahrukh ka she make sharukh's mimicry "k. They all started laughing. He turned his face to window. Chotu smiling :-are nahi muze aisa lagata he sir ka favorite dialogue he.

arjun and roshni love story

Riya:-are nahi. He nodded negatively. Riya:-oh shit. Shree tera tab de na. Shree:-pagal ho gayi he kya.? Milne hai mujhse aayi Phir jaane kyun tanhaai Kis mod pe hai laayi aashiqui.

arjun and roshni love story

Jaane kyun main sochta hoon Khaali sa main ek raasta hoon Tu ne mujhe kahin kho diya hai Ya main kahin khud laapata hoon Aa dhoondh le tu phir mujhe Kasmein bhi doon to kya tujhe. Aashiqui baazi hai taash ki Toot-te bante vishwaas ki.

Tuta hua saaz hoon main Khud se hi naaraz hoon main Seene mein jo kahin pe dabi hai Aisi koi aawaaz hoon main Sun le mujhe tu dil kahe Kab tak khaamoshi dil sahe Aashiqui baazi hai taash ki Toot-te bante vishwaas ki.

They all remain quite. Rathod change the mirrior direction.Page of 24 Go Next Last. Posted: 5 years ago. Holla Amigos. Neva Thought that I wud get such a good response. Love You All. So please keep ur love support and appreciation cuming in.

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As A Writer, they inspire me a lot! Stay Connected To Know More. PM's only to my faithful readers. Go to wherevea you want.!!! Love, Shaanu. The Banner.

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A Saga Of Two Persons. With Poles Apart Personalities.

arjun and roshni love story

Self destructing Individual. Super Hot. And Carefree. Atleast he tries to be so! Shanaya Mukherjee- A 21 year old young gurl. Will These two discover love in each other's company?

Will Arjun finally find Solace And Love? Time Will Tell!

Gorky M directs Shaleen Malhotra and Sameeksha Singh for Arjun - Screen Journal

Thread 1- Zehnaseeb Thread 1 PM's only to my faithful readers. New Readers who want pms do mention in ur cmnt. Provided that you want to comment. No Silent Reading. Otherwise Next Set Of Pms only to those who read and appreciate it in the comments. Part Bebe smiled and walked slowly towards the guests. Arjun immediately distanced himself from her. Before she cud even say sumthing. Inka toh kuch bhi samajh me nahi aata! Arjun Sir Samajh Me Nahi.

Dil Me Aate Hai. All of them lukd at each other in amused. Ban gayi aur wo bhi Arjun Sir ki. Shaadi hui kab? Hume toh pata bhi nhi chala! Aur hume khaane ke liye bhi nhi bulaya??Bepannah Endless is a romantic mystery drama television series that premiered on 19 March on Colors TV. Aditya Hooda and Zoya Siddiqui are two individuals brought together by fate through their spouses' betrayal. They discover that the two were having an affair and are left shocked. Aditya channels his grief into anger while Zoya goes into denial.

They receive divorce papers from Pooja and Yash that reach them late. Unable to run from the truth anymore, Zoya attempts suicide but is saved by Aditya. He believes that they are guilty for the murder of their spouses and frames the two as such. Having grown to trust one another, Aditya and Zoya go on the run to prove their innocence. Harshvardhan proves them innocent. Aditya and Zoya read Pooja's diary and break down, learning that Pooja was pregnant with Yash's child.

Broken but resolute, Aditya and Zoya decide to move on. Together, they forgive Yash and Pooja. Aditya leaves for Paris, wanting time to reflect on himself, while Zoya focuses on reviving her bankrupt company. Zoya is a successful entrepreneur; Aditya remains in Paris.

Sakshi is being held hostage by Anjana. Zoya supports Noor and Arjun when she finds out about their feelings. When Aditya returns, he finds Zoya a more confident and assertive person while he himself has become quieter.

Their friendship blooms as they begin spending time together. Aditya feels new emotions arising in his heart for Zoya. He ignores them at first but later accepts that he has fallen in love with her. When Aditya decides to confess to Zoya, he comes to know about her suitor Arshad Habib. Jealousy hits Aditya as he sees Arshad and Zoya spending time together.

Meanwhile, Sakshi is aware about Anjana being Pooja and Yash's murderer and warns her of the fact.


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