Discord member list greyed out

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Discord member list greyed out

A role is a part of a server, and when applied to a user, will give the user permissions and a color, if colors are set.

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Display role members separately from online members will show members of a role in a separate group above default users, which is determined by role order. This is sometimes known as hoisting a role. Allow anyone to mention this role allows any user to mention every member of a role at once, similar to how an everyone ping functions.

This is typically applied to moderation roles. Most permissions in this section are server-management related permissions. Many of these permissions can be dangerous, and should only be given to users you can trust. The Administrator permission gives a user every single permission, and also ignores channel-specific settings. This permission is not recommended to be given out to someone you do not trust.

The View Audit Log permission allows a user to view the server's audit logs. Manage Server allows a user to edit the server name, server icon, voice region, and the verification level. This permission also allows users to invite bots. Manage Roles allows a user to access the roles menu, and edit roles below their highest role. Users cannot take or give permissions they do not have. Manage Channels allows a user to delete and create new text and voice channels.

This also applies to channel categories. The Kick Members permission allows a user to kick anyone who is below them in the hierarchy. The Ban Members permission allows a user to ban anyone who is below them in the hierarchy. This also allows a user to access the ban list, and unban members from it. Create Instant Invites allows a user to create a instant invite for the server.

The Change Nickname permission allows a user to change their own nickname.

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This nickname can still be changed by anyone above them with the Manage Nicknames permission. The Manage Nicknames permission allows users to rename a user with a nickname. Users can only apply or edit nicknames of users below them in the role hierarchy. This allows them to upload, delete, and rename emojis. The Manage Webhooks permission allows a user to view, create, delete, and edit webhooks on any channel. Webhooks can be used to speak in the channel it is created in, even with the user not being on the server.

Without this or an appropriate role, a user will see no channels on a server. Send Messages allows a user to send messages in any channel unless denied by that channel's permissions.

This feature is disabled on many servers, and can be disabled client-side in User Settings. Manage Messages allows a user to delete, pin, and unpin messages, unless denied by that channel's permissions. Embed Links allows users to post links and have them embed. This can be denied per channel permissions. Attach Files allows users to upload files. This cna be denied per channel permissions. Read Channel History allows users to read the channel's history. If denied, they can only view history as far as they have seen the channel, and is reset after they reload the client.

Mention Everyone allows users to mention everyone or here, unless denied by that channel's permissions. This can be denied by a channel's permissions. Add Reactions allows users to add reactions to any message, unless denied by that channel's permissions.This page lists the various "limitations" imposed upon servers in Discord, mostly to answer "how many X can I make? It's important to note that other than the 5, online user limit, none of these can be modified.

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The amount of emojis Both normal and animated ones a Server can have can change with the current boost level of the server. A user cannot be on more than servers.

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Once this limit is hit, any server invite will display as "Invite Expired". Normally servers have a member limit ofmembers. However, some partnered and verified servers can get this limit raised toServers reaching 25, simultaneous online members will need to contact Support to be moved to hardware supporting larger servers - this is when members start getting "Server Unavailable" errors.

A server can have at most channels - text, voice, and categories combined. Once channels are reached, no more channels can be created. A server can have at most roles. Servers reaching 1, members have the offline members list removed. Pinned messages limit: 50 messages Reactions per message: 20 reactions. Maximum attachment size Default: 8 MB or bytes. Channel topic size: 1, characters.I've noticed that songs coming up in the search results are occasionally greyed out, and I can't play them.

This happens on mobile devices, the web player and the desktop player. I originally figured those were premium-only or something, but having started a trial I noticed they're still greyed out.

I also noticed that the amount of greyed out songs seems to be increasing. At first I thought this was a regional block I'm currently in Germany, and some of the greyed out music works in the Netherlands ; in many cases, this applies to entire albums such as this album. However, I'm increasingly seeing it on individual songs on an album e.

Also of note- songs aren't greyed out consistently. For example, the album I linked above was added to a playlist by the band, and the songs look normal there. This question is similar, but the reason there was related to playing on a mobile device. This question is basically the same as mine I think This solved question supports the idea that a regional block is the cause, but I'm really confused as to how that relates to individual songs being blocked as compared to full albums, which I understand.

See also here and probably many similar questions. Here it is stated that this also applies to unreleased material. This suggests that album removals are also common. I did find a 'show unavailable tracks in playlists', which was turned off until I found it just now. Go to Solution. The greyed out tracks just mean that for whatever reason, they are unavailable in your country.

This could be due to licensing or the request of the record label or artist. Unfortunately, this is something that Spotify doesn't have control over as it is up to the individual music companies.

Is there something missing that you were expecting to see? Go ahead and submit a request here to find out about missing content. If this solved your issue - Mark it as a solution!

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View solution in original post. Thanks for the response! Having moved to Germany fairly recently, I thought this might be related to the pretty strict censorship laws here, rather than due to the labels, but I guess that isn't the case then.

It'd be cool to see why they aren't playable, though. I guess I'm correct in assuming that's not possible? Not necessarily impossible!

Follow that link at the bottom. You can enquire about it there. Sometimes you can find out, other times you cannot very easily. In some cases like Taylor Swift's, it makes the news, so sometimes you can Google it to find out.

I have the same problem with certain songs. In the past I was able to play this songs.And the best part about Discord is that it is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and you can even access it using any web browser. Now to chat or have a conversation with any other member, you will either need to create a new group or server or join an existing one.

In the roles, you can set permissions giving the members some control in the group activities. Now before you can assign roles to the users and people and other users, you will require to create them. You can create roles in the discord server settings or you can say the group settings. Once you are done creating the roles then you can assign them to the members as per your desire. You can create and assign roles to discord from any platform i.

Open the discord application or website and log in using your account credentials. After logging in to Discord, you will be able to see all the groups that you have created or are connected to. Once inside the server, click on the downwards arrow right next to the name of the server as shown in the screenshot above. On the left-hand side panel, you will see various options. From there select Roles. This will show you all the roles that are on that particular server.

It will then create a new role under this heading with the name new role. After you select it, on its right side you can give the desired name to the role. Here we have created knower so you can know how to customize it. Then you can select the color for that particular role. This will help group members in identifying their assigned roles among them. After this, you have to select the permissions that you wish to assign to the created roles. Here you can select what all a person is permitted to do with the assigned role.

Select the permission as per your choices. Once you are satisfied with the permissions, you will need to save the changes made for that particular role. As you make changes to the role, there will be a notification asking you to save the changes you made. Click on Save Changes and your Roles are ready to be assigned to the group members. To delete any roles in discord, just open that particular role and scroll down at the bottom of its settings.

There you will see the option to Delete name of the role. Select it and the role will be deleted permanently. Tap on the hamburger icon at the top left the corner of the screen and select the server to which you want to create or add the roles. Both of them will open the same settings menu, here select Server Settings. Then inside the server settings, scroll down and select Roles. Rest all the options for naming, selecting colors and setting permissions are similar just like the PC method above.

discord member list greyed out

Once you are done customizing the roles, tap on the save icon to save the settings that you created.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

I recently updated my discord. I need to loop through all the members of a discord server but the old way I did it does not work anymore. Heres my old code. Thank you for help! Below snippet will return a generator with every 'Member' the client i. The migration guide mentions that server has been renamed to guild. The correct code should be message. Learn more. How do I get a list of all members in a discord server using the new discord.

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Methods To Add Roles To Discord And Assign Them To Members

Bumped recently Member Count. Showing 1 - 24 of servers. Slippy's Dream World. Community Get link Mute this server Report this server. A very friendly, loving community.

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Everyone is welcome. Join this Server.

discord member list greyed out

You also have access to our 3 global emotes! Official LazarBeam. We started as a fan made discord for the Australian Youtuber Lazarbeam, and have finally got him to join! Since then, we've been growing the community, and hopefully creating a space that people would love to talk in! Come join and see how it is for yourself! If you join this server, you will have access to: - Active conversations with people around the world - Join frequent gaming events - Contribute ideas to monthly debate topics - Share your artworks with others - Participate in server-wide competitions - Search for partners to play games with - And talk about LazarBeam.

This is mainly a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with other new members, and make new friends. This is mainly a server to hang out play games, talk to new people every day plus, we host events.

Everyone is welcome in our fast-growing community as long as you're following the rules. Everyone within staff will try their best to keep everything under control, solve problems and make sure you, as a member, are comfortable.

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discord member list greyed out

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. So I'm attempting to write a raiding bot for my raiding discord using the discord. This scripts is supposed to be forming a list of members in the voice channel for raiding. For some reason, this script is not working. Whenever memids is printed, it just prints an empty list. If anyone is familiar with discord. It's really troubling me and I have tried everything in my knowledge to fix it.

There isn't much to go on from your question. I believe your problem is that the id that you provided to utils. This is probably the reason to why you're always getting an empty list. A list of Members that are currently inside this voice channel. If type is not ChannelType. If you're not fully sure about the voice channel's actual idI suggest you search by the name and type discord.

If you're using discord. Learn more. Asked 1 year, 11 months ago. Active 11 months ago. Viewed 5k times. Matthew Kopie Matthew Kopie 21 1 1 silver badge 4 4 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. I'll try searching for the channel that way instead and get back to you. It's just odd, because the code that I posted above worked for a few runs of the command but then broke after a while and hasn't worked properly since.

I can edit the original post with the rest of the code if you think it'd help. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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